Since 2014, the Fairmined Standard seeks to provide unique development opportunities and to generate positive impact in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities, connecting them with fair markets.

This year, ARM (Alliance for Responsible Mining) is working in the revision of the Standard, to design the 3.0 version, responding to the changing needs of the sector. The aim is to continue using the Fairmined Standard 3.0 as a tool to guide miners, in a more friendly and intuitive way, in the management and strengthening of their business, with a focus on responsibility.

If you have any comments for the development of the Fairmined Standard 3.0, write us to

The decision of reviewing the standard this year is in line with the ISEAL’s recommendations for the development of standards, which state that a standard must be reviewed at least every five years to ensure it is relevant and effective in achieving its aim.

To offer a transparent, participative and productive service we will follow the activity timeline below.

To learn about the principles that will guide the creation of the new version of the Standard, see the Terms of Reference here.