Photo: Traid Gold.

Fairmined Authorized Suppliers are a vital part of the Fairmined Initiative. They provide access to the market under fair conditions for the Fairmined certified miners and they provide jewellers and the gold market with easier access to Fairmined gold.  That is why we are very honoured to welcome three new Fairmined Authorized Suppliers since our latest update: TRAID GOLD (Germany), Republic Metals (USA), Daniel Jewelry Casting Services (USA). They now join the full list of 12 Fairmined Authorized Suppliers globally.

Sourcing from the artisanal and small-scale mining sector can be challenging, as there are very divergent practices, and expectations between the miners and the gold market. Having one foot in the artisanal mines and the other in the luxurious world of jewellery, these authorized suppliers act as a bridge between these two distinct worlds.

Sourcing and putting together a supply chain from ASM can be complicated.  The mines are generally located in remote areas with limited accessibility. Artisanal miners do not operate with the same level of capacity for accurate and rigorous planning and projections. This makes it complicated for suppliers to perform accurate supply and demand management.  In addition, the supply of Fairmined gold can be affected by so many variables, such as changes in the certification status of mines, changes in the production volume of mines, risks along the supply chain such as theft, interruptions due to increasing and changing regulations for importing and exporting of precious metals, just to name a few.   The dedication and commitment from the Authorized Supplier to provide Fairmined Licensees with simplified access to Fairmined certified gold products is commendable and adds value to an already special and exclusive precious metal.


Our company’s goal is to improve the livelihoods of artisanal miners and their families to enable sustainable development. Being a Fairmined Supplier is a fantastic opportunity for us to achieve this.” Florian Harkort, Founder of TRAID GOLD.

These are our three new authorized suppliers:

TRAID GOLD (Berlin) –

TRAID GOLD is the first Authorized Supplier in Germany.  Founded in 2015 by Florian Harkort, they have the special distinction of being dedicated exclusively to offering gold and silver from certified responsible artisanal and small-scale mining.   They offer Fairmined gold, silver and Fairmined Ecological gold in 24kt casting grain with larger custom orders on request for 18kt and 14kt alloys and products.  They are specially focused on the German speaking markets, Benelux and Scandinavia, with worldwide shipping on request.

Contact:  Florian Harkort |Phone: +49 30 220 138 540|Email:

Republic Metals (Miami) –

Republic Metals are a Miami, USA based refiner who share in ARM’s vision that certified and traceable responsible sources of precious metals are the future of the gold industry.   Republic Metals have on the ground experience sourcing from the artisanal mining sector and can add value to the Fairmined supply chains.   They offer Fairmined Certified Gold and Silver (99.99%, 99.999% purity) in the form of: grains, wire rod, and strip along with blanks, coins, ingots, awards and other fabricated investments grade products.

Contact: Drew Bloomberg|Phone: 888-685-8505 – 786-501-8649 |Email:

Daniel Jewelry Casting Services (New York City) –

Over the years we have been receiving interest from New York based jewellers who want to support responsible artisanal mining.   We are very pleased that now these jewellers can source Fairmined from a local supplier who offers casting services in Fairmined certified gold.

Contact: Daniel Baez |Phone: 212 201 0765 |Email:

You can find the full list of the Fairmined Authorized Suppliers here.