Fairmined supply chain actors

Fairmined supply chain actors

The following actors are part of the Fairmined supply chain. The downloadable lists show the status of all participants within the Fairmined supply chain:

Certified mining organizations


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Mining organizations must fall under the category of artisanal and small-scale mining to be eligible for certification.  Mining organizations that meet the strict requirements of the Fairmined Standard are being certified and can sell Fairmined certified gold to the market.

Fairmined Suppliers


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These are the refiners, traders, manufacturers and casters that transform the gold into inputs for the various segments of the gold industry such as alloys, wire, sheet and casting grain. Actors in the supply chain whowant to trade Fairmined Gold must become a Fairmined Authorized Suppliers.

Fairmined Licensees


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To trade in Fairmined Gold and make claims about its use, any interested party must become a Fairmined Licensee. Fairmined Licensees have to comply with the requirements outlined in the Fairmined Standard, License Agreement and Mark Manual to ensure credibility. The licensing process is simple and straightforward and there is no licensing fee for use of the label.

Independent audit bodies

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Annually the mining organizations and authorized suppliers are audited by an independent 3rd party audit body to ensure compliance with the Fairmined Standard. The auditing of Fairmined Licensees depends on the volumes of Fairmined Gold bought. Check the section Fairmined for Businesses to know more about the recognized audit bodies.

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Third Party Certification


Fairmined is backed by a rigorous 3rd party certification and audit system that ensures that small entrepreneurial mining organizations meet our world-leading standard for responsible practices, delivering social development and environmental protection.

Rigorous certification

The road to certification requires at least 18-24 months of intense support to empower and equip mining organizations to world-leading responsible practices.

Third party monitoring

The ongoing assessments ensure that the mining organizations not only maintain their certification but continue to improve their social impact and efforts to care for the environment.


In order to ensure the credibility of the Fairmined Mark and compliance with the Fairmined Standard, Authorized Suppliers and Licensees have to sign an auditing contract with a 3rd party audit body.












Fairmined Information System


Ecert is the professional IT solution for the Fairmined Information System. It is an online platform for documental traceability control along the Fairmined supply chain, offering all the Fairmined actors – artisanal and small-scale mining organizations, Fairmined Suppliers and Licensees – a user friendly tool to report and analyze their flow of goods, and manage their audits and certification process online.

The platform can be accessed any time by visiting:  http://arm.e-cert.net/

We have developed materials to help the supply chain actors  navigate the system:
Manual for Licensees
Manual for Authorized Suppliers
Manual for Auditors (Fairmined Suppliers and Licensees)
Manual for Auditors (Fairmined Certified Organizations)

Webinar for Fairmined Licensees

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: ecert@responsiblemines.org